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Mooreland, Oklahoma is a quiet, friendly town located along the Santa Fe main line and right in the middle of Northwest Oklahoma’s oil industry. Mooreland is a town that takes pride in its sense of community, with residents always offering a friendly wave and smile to visitors and each other.

In terms of infrastructure, Mooreland has outstanding fire and police departments and a modern City Hall that is located on Main Street. The town provides water and utilities to residents and operates its own electrical system. In addition, Mooreland boasts an airport, a beautiful city park with municipal swimming pool, a modern community center and a plethora of churches. The town’s comprehensive and well rounded infrastructure, combined with an excellent K-12 school system, means that Mooreland, Oklahoma is a great place to live and is the envy of many other towns in the area.

Mooreland also has the advantage of being situated on one of the busiest highways in Northwest Oklahoma, and is merely 10 miles from the county seat of Woodward, 80 miles from the City of Enid and 130 miles from the State Capital of Oklahoma City. This, combined with access to a mainline railroad and the city's airport, means Mooreland is easily accessible for both business and recreation purposes.

For recreation, Mooreland is perfectly situated, being only seven miles from Boiling Springs State Park, 19 miles from Alabaster Caverns State Park, 27 miles from Little Sahara State Park, 25 miles from Fort Supply Lake, 35 miles from the Gloss Mountains, 45 miles from Canton Lake and 70 miles from Great Salt Plains.

Overall, Mooreland is a well-rounded town with lots of potential for growth. It is a friendly, family-oriented community, boasting excellend amenities, with many business / employment opportunities available within the town.

For more information regarding Mooreland, please contact the City of Mooreland at 580-994-5924 or 580-994-5925.


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